CAN@net NT 200


The gateway is receiving 24VDC. There is no terminating resistor. Do I need a 120 Ohm resistor between the H and L legs?

I’ve attached a picture that is basically the entire system. Note that the ethernet and USB are connected here, I was only using 1 or the other at any given time (host PC). I wanted to be sure that I could ping the device which I could.


Yes, you should have 120 ohm resistors to terminate the bus. Is there one built into the sensor?

Do you have the manual for that sensor? We are going to need to check that.


Also, my colleague just sent me this PDF for setting up the CAN@net w/CanAnalyser:

CAN@net NT as VCI.pdf (1.0 MB)



I have 50 Ohms between Can H and Can L at the gateway. Not sure if that helps. This is all I have available at the moment for resistors. If the 10 ohms is a deal breaker then I guess I’m stuck till Monday.



Hi Jordan,

There should be a 120 ohm resistor at both ends of the bus so that the overall resistance measures 60 ohm on the bus. This is a good link for diagnosing CAN Bus wiring issues:

Keep in mind that there is no terminating resistor built-in to the CAN@net NT.