CAN@net NT 420 and MQTT

Running inocal CAN Bridge mode and am sending MQTT. Works most of the time.
Sometimes the NT420 dashboard shows MQTT status “Preoperational” but then it will eventally turn to Operational. Is that just based on a time or a setting?
Can I force it to try to get Operational?

Is is possible for you to get a screenshot of the dashboard when it is showing “Preoperational”?

The MQTT interface is showing preoperational probably because of the WLAN disconnection. It looks like there are 27 MQTT messages currently in the TxFifo buffer (825 - 798 = 27).

One thing we did notice that you can do is set the baud rate manually. It looks like you are using Automatic CAN baud rate detection, which takes time to figure out the correct rate.

Andreas and the developers looked at the script and were unable to reproduce this - here is what he says:

“I forwarded the information and asked the developer but
unfortunately we could not find any problem in the LUA Script and
unfortunately we could not reproduce any problems
even running LUA with disconnected Ethernet.
(I would recommend to remove the “print” from the release LUA script)
(Maybe we get more cognitions from the Ethernet Trace File.)”

“Our management and product managers often ask me for the use cases.
Also today I discussed this case (CAN@net NT and Anybus Bolt) with a manager and
was asked for the use case description.
Could you please let me know a short description of the use case?”

I do have some information from the developer of the configuration tool. He found an issue where the CAN@net can hang when transmitting MQTT over ethernet if the extended CAN msg with the data bytes have values larger than 100.

As a temporary workaround (until we have an update), save the configuration file as a TXT file and manually replace:

MSG_MboxSetLimit task_hdl=37 max_entries=128 


MSG_MboxSetLimit task_hdl=37 max_entries=64

and manually download this configuration in to the CAN@net NT using the CanGWfile tool (c:\Program Files\HMS\Ixxat-CAN-Gateway-Configurator-V6.0.0.1846\CanGWfile.exe).

This should help with the problem, because it appears we were seeing two different issues. The last logs you sent didn’t show any disconnection of the Bolt, so I think this bug may have been causing the hang. However, if the Bolt is disconnecting, that is an entirely different issue that we will have to continue to work on.

I tried your suggestions, and it tells me the config was written, but if I try to export the config again after that, that line still shows max_entries=128 and not 64.
I used command: “cangwfile usb HW893371 wv conf myconfigfile.txt”

When you are reading and exporting the config using the config tool, it’s changing the value back to 128. That is something that will need to be fixed in an update.

If you are changing it to 64 and writing it successfully, it will take care of the issue where you were getting:

"[00000:00:29] E: not enough memory"

FYI, I had another wifi bridge laying around, and I have had no issues with this one, so far today.
Something is either corrupt or incorrectly configured with my Bolt.
Anyway we can determine that?
Do you have a config I can load to it, that just makes the NT420 “wireless”

The most reliable connection is the wireless bridge configuration, using 2 bolts/bridges, because occasionally we see issues with certain 3rd party WiFi controllers.

In some Enterprise networks, using Layer 2 Cloned MAC Address will work better than Layer 3. See this document for more details.