Can the Flexy be upgraded with more memory to handle more tages?

can the Flex be upgraded with more memory to handle more tags? Have been using the flex 2005 but are looking at secem

When you say to handle more tags, do you just mean to log more tags or to be able to have more tags in the Flexy? You can have additional storage with an SD card

storage we have a basic program from you that queue all update and post them to our IIS server to be updated we seem too max out at about 600+tags

We are adding more tags, also we have a basic program the queue up the on change and post to our IIS server which I believe takes more memory.

600 tags could be a lot for the device to handle depending on how often the tags are polling.

That being said, we have an actual limit of 1500 tags per IO server, or 2500 tags total with a Flexy.

I don’t think having the Ewon post to the IIS server should take up much memory, but depending on how fast you poll the tags and how many of the tags you’re polling.

This page should give you an idea on how much data you’ll be able to record before running into FIFO