Cannot access FTP server across eCatcher Connection

There is an operator interface terminal which has an FTP server for log files. We are able to connect to the server from a local PC, but when connected across the eCatcher connection, we are unable to view the files and see the following error:

“FTP Folder Error

An error occurred opening that folder on the FTP Server. Make sure you have permission to access that folder.

Details: The operation timed out”

Are there any settings in the eWON that prevent FTP servers from passing through the firewall? The server operates on port 21.

Is it possible in your FTP client to force the connection to use passive mode ftp?

If it is not possible to force the FTP client to use passive mode or it continues to fail even in passive mode, you may need to turn off Plug’n Route. Plug’n Route is a feature that allows you to remotely access equipment without changing the default gateway of the remote equipment. However, certain protocols, such as active mode ftp, require the gateway to be set.

You can find instructions for disabling Plug’n Route here:
Disable the Plug’n Route feature on eWON Cosy

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