Cannot import simply_can DLL with Python 3.10 64bit

simply_can 1.1
I’ve been able to import simply can using Python 3.8 32bit,
but if I try to use Python 3.10.5 64bit it does not work, I double checked that I use the right .pyd file (originally named simply_py.py3-64.pyd), but I keep getting

“ImportError: DLL load failed while importing simply_py: The specified module could not be found.”

My code

import os
import sys

sys.path.insert(0, r'<path-to>simplyCAN_WIN_1_1_0\lib\python\mylib')

import simply_py

Have you looked over this thread a similar issue was worked though.

Hi, thanks for your reply,

I figured out the library does not work with Python 3.10, I guess only 3.8 works.
We don’t use 3.8 anymore since it is in the “security fixes only” stage.

Do you plan to release simply_can for 3.10 in the future?

This request would need to go through the Ixxat team. I recommend opening a request via This will allow us to reach the product manager.