CANopen Communication with Servoone drive using USB to CAN Compact

Hello, I have to communicate to a servoone driver twhich supports CANopen Protocol through LabVIEW, I have USB to CAN compact device. I have also purchased CANopen API and I have the necessary functions. I am new to CANopen. I tried communicating to the driver and set it to the operational state first and run the motor. But I could not do it. I used “Start Node” function to set the node in operational. The display in driver is not changing to five. But If I read the status of the Node using “Get node status” function, It shows me five. But still I am not able to set the motor to run. Can someone help me with this?

For this particular case, I would recommend working directly with the IXXAT office in Germany. They would be able to better assist you and are in the same time zone as you. You can open a ticket at:


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