CanOpen Transparent CAN Mode


I using CANOpen module to communicate with drives.
To sending the RX-PDO4 I using Transparet CAN modus, now I need to also read data from the drives about them position but for this I need to send data using SDO.
Now the question is it’s possible to use SDO in Transparent CAN mouds.
In manual I have found in Transparent CAN modus we are able to use CAN_SEND_FB, CAN_CTRL_FB and CAN_RCV_FB, but for read SDO i need to use ReadSDO_FB which in manual is in capitel with CANopen mode.
It’s any possibility to manage this?
Or manufatur of the drives have to include also command to read position in RX-PDO4?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Myszek,

For this issue, I would recommend creating a case at Our team is traveling this week and creating a case will put you in touch directly with your local support team.