Can't connect remotely to Keyence device

I’m using a Flexy 205 with the LAN topography as shown below;

I can ping the Keyence device but I am not able to connect to it with the Keyence software even when I select the TAP 9 adapter. I have tried setting up different routing schemes in the Ewon but I just dont know what I’m doing. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you added the device in eCatcher?

What protocol does the camera use for communication?

I have added the address in eCatcher but I then moved the firewall setting to Standard. Neither lets me through. I should also note that the default port that the Keyence software wants to connect to is 63000, not sure if that’s a problem or not. This device was set up locally on the LAN from the same PC I am using so I am confident that the software/device are compatible.

here are a few more screenshots to better show my application;
Keyence address is
Screenshot of Keyence software;
Thank you again for your quick reply

After waiting several minutes, I am finally connected, however the connection is extremely slow (waiting several minutes after each button push for a response). Is there perhaps a better routing scheme I should be using or at least a way to measure the bandwidth of my connection to see where the bottleneck is?

I apologize for the delay, I have been looking into this issue. As well trying to find similiar cases of this occuring.

What is the internet connection method for the eWON unit? You can try a traceroute to the the camera, but it will only hop to the LAN device then to the Camera. It may not provide as much as information that is needed.

You may try using a wireshark capture to on the LAN and remote connection to verify the speeds. As for the remote connection to our servers, there isn’t really any way to improve speed on the server.

Kevin, I will give that a try. Do you think in future updates there could be a “speed test” just like my home router has? I understand that I can’t expect LAN speeds through the cloud.

I can certainly submit a request, but it is not currently slated as a project goal.