Can't coonect to anybus to download configuration



I have a anybus communicator profienet device and i cannot connect to it to download configuration. When I try to connect it returns “no module was found, retry?”. I am able to connect to other anybus devices and have successfully downloaded configuration to them but I can’t get this one to work. Is there anything I can try or is it possible the device is defective?


Hello rreneker,

In ACM does it just fail to connect right away or does it connect but fail when uploading or downloading? If you can connect try doing a factory restore from the menu.

As a last ditch effort you can try a boot loader reset using the following doc. I have been able to recovered failed devices with this method.

Factory Restore Communicator.pdf (112.2 KB)


It never connects. When i try it returns “No module was found, retry?”. I am able to connect to other anybuses same model just fine. I tried the factory restore and couldn’t do step 6 because the module still wouldn’t connect.


As long as the com port is available for the device you should still be able to perform the factory restore as described in that document even if you can not connect though the software.

If this is not available then we do not have any other option to recover it. If this is the case and the device is still covered under warranty we can process an RMA.