CC Link IE Field Setup

Hello I have an Anybus X-Gateway Article Number: AB7954-F. It is CC Link IE Field (top) and Profinet (bottom)

I have configured the profinet side OK, and I have configured the module using the Anybus configuration manager. However when setting the CC Link IE Field side I am getting a solid RED ERROR LED.

I understand this means some parameter issue.

Please see attached screenshots of setup.

anybus config 3

Any assistance or things to check would be greatly appreciated.

Did you set the node number using the dip switches?


Please refer to:

Hi Kyle, I believe i may need the .CSP file to load into Mitsubishi GX Works. I can’t seem to find it on the support pages, just the GSDML file for the Profinet side.

Hi Kyle,

yes i have the the station number. I have set it to #1 and my master is set as default node 0.

Kind regards,


No, a .csp file shouldn’t be required. If you continue to have issues, I would recommend creating a case at They will be able to help with this product.