CC40 EtherCAT Alias and Device ID

I have successfully implemented the EtherCAT object and am exchanging my identity, process data, etc. with TwinCAT. Everything looks good. What I am a little unsure about is whether there is some sort of address that is set from TwinCAT that I can read in the Host Application using either the EtherCAT object or the Network Configuration object (or other), in order to display to the end user (I am displaying the IP address and Subnet as I have EoE enabled). I have tried to read the Device ID which keeps reading 0, but I’m thinking that is intended to be set by the Host Application rather than by TwinCAT (my Host Application is not setting it). Is there some other address that I can read and display to help my end user identify the specific device?

I think the device id is what you are looking for but you may also want to show the station Alias. Is the device connected and configured with a Master? The ID will remain 0 indicating it is not configured.

hms-scm-1202-034.pdf (

Best I understand I am connected to a Master. I am able to change the state of my device using TwinCAT and am able to see my ADIs. No matter what address/alias, etc. I set in TwinCAT I am unable to get anything other than 0 in the Device ID register.

How are you changing the state? Are you going into Operational mode and using process data or just using SDOs?

Here is an app note for a similar device but the setup in twincat should be identical.