Cellular Cosy 131 eWon - Can it be used in Israel?

I have cellular eWon that we send around to assist customers in a pinch. I recently had a customer from Israel call and request remote service, but I am uncertain if the cellular card I have now will work, or if a special plan will need to be purchased.
Is there any way you can confirm this?

Where did you buy the cellular plan?

It was purchased through the hms.iotbillingportal website. It is called out as a North America 250 plan, but I’m not certain where I would go to purchase an international plan, or if it is currently an option.

Hi @MacSnoogins,

I looked into this and we would have to add an international plan to our portal. It shouldn’t be hard to do, but I will have to ask the person in charge to set it up for us. This may take a couple of days.

I also learned that the network it would be roaming on is called Cellcom, so you may want to check that they offer service in the area where the Cosy would be.

I will check with the person in charge of the cellular plans and see if they can get it set up for you quickly or not. Please let me know if you think Cellcom will work for you.

Hi @MacSnoogins,

After looking into this a little more, we found that Cellcom uses a band that is not supported by the NA modem. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work, that will depend on the bands that the closest tower is using. However, for best results, we’d recommend using an EU modem (EC6133G_00MA).

Also, for best results we’d recommend getting a plan from a carrier that can guarantee coverage in Israel.


I appreciate the help on this. Our customer is currently looking at some local options they may have, so this support may have to be put on hold. At least until they are not able to get out of the pickle. I will request pricing for the EU eWon unit from our supplier, thank you for that info.
Next issue seems to be finding a provider in that area of that country for cellular service. I’m assuming this would not be purchasable through the hms.iotbillingportal website :slight_smile:

Hi Mac,

No, I would recommend purchasing either a local plan in Isreal or a plan that advertises roaming capability in Isreal. I am worried that even though our provider says they work with Cellcom, it will be a very limited plan and might not work well there. I’m sure there are many providers with better options for that part of the world.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!