Check Connection To Bolt In PLC

Hello everyone. I’m using the AWB2030-B with several different types of CompactLogix PLC’s. We use the Bolt to collect production data from remote machines and that all works well. The problem is that techs and operators like to unplug the Bolt’s for some reason. Does anyone know of a way for the PLC to know the communication status of the Bolt? Something so that if connection is lost then I can put up a message on the HMI and the machine won’t run. Thank you for any ideas.

Can you send a heartbeat check to the IP address of the Bolt? Maybe something like: How to set up a heart beat monitor between RSLogix 5000 and Panel View Plus 1500 [Text] - - Interactive Q & A

You could also potentially use the Event/Status subscriber with TCP or syslog, but I would think there would be a simpler way to do it in Studio 5000.