Cheshire Controls AB7650




Just for you info. I also have a AB7649 here. The Allen Bradley Ethernet/IP one. I tried to hook it up and see the firmware using the Firmware Manager II software. It did not see anything. Just like the AB7650. Does that program even work?? Have you seen it work???


Brian Snyder




Hi Brian,

Sorry about all the problems with this, we just haven’t seen this issue before and were having trouble trying to replicate the issue on our end

In my experience the Firmware Manager II is for specific devices like the CompactCom devices and some Anybus-S boards. It’s not very common for a gateway device to need to go through the Firmware Manager II and we generally try to avoid this if possible


Ah ok. It looked like it was for the x-gateway.

How is that RMA coming. Or the shipment of a replacement and then I can use your box to return this one.

Brian Snyder




Hi Brian,

Sorry, I won’t have any access to information about RMAs but you could call customer service at 312-829-0601 and they should be able to give you some information.


Did you put the RMA into the system?? I really do not know what to ask them?

Brian Snyder



Hi Brian,

Sorry about that, I posted a link that showed the RMA process, but maybe I should’ve been a little more clear. Here’s the link that fully describes the process:

Basically you’ll just need to contact your distributor and give them the reference number 29457. Or if you are the distributor there’s a link to submit for an RMA.

If you have questions or need support accessing the portal please contact or call customer service at +1-312-829-0601 .



I am having a bit of trouble because the distributor that sold me this AB7650 is not the distributor that sells them now. I am still trying to get them to do it.

This is changing into too much of a project!!!

I also saw that the case for this has closed. I would NOT consider this issue closed.

Brian Snyder



Hi Brian,

Sorry about that, I think I closed it 9 days ago because I hadn’t heard from you since I mentioned the RMA for a few days and thought it was resolved. I removed the closed ticket mark, but I think it must’ve still sent out the message.

Can you tell us which distributor you were using and we can get the Area Sales Manager involved to speed this process up