CIP SYNC option not working


I’m using ABCC M40 Ethernet/IP module on top of STM3240G-EVAL ABCC Option board.
The module is connected to a CompactLogix 5380 controller.
I managed to create a working application using one of example project options provided as part of the starter kit.
I’m now trying to activate the CIP SYNC option. I’ve used the provided example application (appl_adimap_sync.c), but I can’t make it work.

I set the following:


The PLC fails to communicate with the module - code 16#0203 connection timed out.
On the M40 module itself the LEDs indications are as follows:
NS - Off at first, after some time starts blinking GREEN. Occasionally steady GREEN. From time to time flashes RED
MS - blinking GREEN. Occasionally steady GREEN
Port 1 - off (not connected to anything)
Port 2 - fast blinking GREEN

Anybus CompactCom 40 FW version - 1.45

I know that latest versions should support CIP SYNC.

What could go wrong? How can I debug it?


Hi Doron,

Are you able to establish a connection with out CIP sync enabled? The 16#0203 error is a quite ordinary connection error and not directly related to CIP Sync. You might be having a standard networking issue or something else causing issues.

You might also want to reach out over on our support portal This will put you in contact with an embedded support engineer in your region.