Cm CANopen communication with slave without EDS-file




At my firm we are working with the S7-1200 PLC of Siemens. We want to communicate with a slave device that is a custom-made AC-unit. Therefore we purchased the ‘cm CANopen’ device 021620-B to establish this connection. The whole setup (s7-1200 + cm Canopen + slave) is correctly connected. I downloaded the configuration studio and here I need to download the EDS-file into the module. The problem is that the manufacturer doesn’t have an EDS-file of their own custom-made unit, only a document filled with information and adresses that can be used to make an EDS-file of our own. Now is my question: is it possible to create an EDS-file with the given information (like the document the manufacturer send us) and if yes, how is it possible?

I can send the file the manufacturer gave us if necessary.

Kind regards,

Michiel Kuipers


Hello @Michiel,

It should be possible to create an eds if given the correct info but it is not recommended as it usually required someone familiar with the product and the CANopen/EDS specs. Typically we encourage a customer to get a know valid EDS from the devices manufacturere as it is a difficult process to create one.

Here are some eds files we provide for our CANopen Communicator, it might give you an idea on some of the requirements.