Code 502 - Bad Gateway

We normally issue POST commands over the API to transmit status and fault messages to a local web server. Yesterday afternoon (?) we started seeing all of our sites issue the following errors:


Is there a way to check if the API server is having issues?
I am looking into the issue to determine if it is on our end.

This looks like an http response from the server reporting an error.

If you are using requesthttpx you can also use responsehttpx to get the status code for the request. There is an example in the programming reference guide.


We are doing a PUTHTTP to in our script.
That appears to be what is generating the fault messages.

Can you verify that POST messages are still functioning when sent to We don’t want our status reporting system to be down all weekend.

Hi @mitchell.hein,

I will need to check with the out ewon team. depending on your application and use case it may make sense to swtich to requesthttpx.


Our entire company’s status monitoring system has now been down for 4 full days. PUTHTTP is not working. Many of our eWON routers are 4005CD units which (as far as I know) do not have PUTHTTPX capability. Please expedite this request and get PUTHTTP working again. Thank You.

Hi Mitchell,

I have already been discussing this issue with the Ewon support team. The development team is already looking into the issue. I will update you shortly once I have a better timeframe.


Thanks Deryck.
I just heard from a member of my engineering staff that we began receiving status messages vis PUTHTTP at 9:11am CST this morning (about a half-hour ago). I am investigating this on my end, as well. Hopefully, the support team found the issue, resolved it, and simply hasn’t let you know yet.