Coil Reading Problem

Hi All,

i have a problem with a flexy 205, recently i added new tags to the ewon, however the ewon can’t receive the alarm state… the tags are configured same as the previous i addedd some year ago (read correctly those coil tags), and i can double check the modbus TCP communication with a SCADA that read correctly the same values…

the firmware is a 14_5s1

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Hi @EB123,

Are you trying to send an email or SMS on the alarms? If the alarm is not being sent, it could either be the tag configuration, or the alarm configuration.

Are you seeing tag errors in the logs?

Have you made sure that the alarms are configured on the Flexy?

Can you please check the box “Disable tags in error” and then after a few alarms have been triggered, make a backup of the Ewon using eBuddy and make sure to check “Include Support Files”?


This will allow me to see the logs and the configuration so we can find out what is going wrong.

Hi Kyle,

sorry for the delay, this week i’ll send you the file as soon as possible.

how can i send you a private message?

many thanks for the support

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You can send the backup on the forum and it will be hidden from public view if that is what you are worried about. Alternatively, I can make this thread private.

You can also create a support case using our ticketing system at

Hi Kyle,

i have attached the backup:



many thanks for your support Kyle

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Here is how you can see which tags are not working:

When you are trying to poll the tag ‘ProvaMDB’, the device is responding “Illegal data address”.

You may want to restart the Modbus IO server and then check the logs to see if any other tags are wrong.

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ok i’ll remove that tag but it was created for test only is not part of newer tags inserted in the ewon it already exist in the first configuration.

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As you can see, just having one bad tag can cause faults in the other tags because they are sent in batches, not one at a time.

Hi Kyle,

the problem is still present despite removing the tags, have you a solution? is there the possibility to avoid the batch request? the strange thing is that on the SCADA the tags arrive corectly but on ewon i can’t receive the same alarms…

Yes, you have to use the Advanced Parameters for Modbus in the Modbus IO Server settings:

Keep in mind, this may have a negative performance impact, especially if you are polling a large number of tags.