Communicaction Anybus X-gateway – Modbus RTU Slave – J1939 Proface

Hello, I have Lienal Actuator the protocol communication is J1939, so I want to communicate with this device by proface the protocol communication the proface is modbus I saw the Anybus X-gateway – Modbus RTU Slave – J1939 but I have some question about this device,

I have 2 Lineal Actuator j1939 with one anybus can connect the 2 actuators or I need 2 anybus x gateway, one for every linear actuator?

2.- I want to communicate and controlled with proface the protocol that has proface is Modbus UTR only I will send the register Modbus EJ. 30001, 40001 for the speed and distance, and the Anybus X-gateway in automatic will convert the message to j1939 and the lineal actuator could read this protocol?


The J1939 slave can communicate with multiple CAN masters.

If you have a Modbus RTU master (I will assume that the proface is one), you can read and write to the Anybus and the CAN Masters can read and write to the same registers on the Anybus. This is how you can communicate between the two networks.

Thank you for your answer only I have Another question, How can I know that my devices are master? my devices are lineal actuator Thomsom the protocol for this actuator is J1939 and the preface is a controller plc with HMI embedded, so I want to use the preface as master and the lineal actuator as a slave, and the anybus will be the interface for communicating between these devices, Proface (Modbus UTR-Master) and Actuator Thomson (J1939-Slave).

Thank you.


They can communicate slave to slave so the J1939 X-Gateway, AB7612 should work for your application and you will only need one to control the actuators.

Thanks, I have been thinking that if you have another device that it can connect to pc,
I don´t Know If you have another device that can communicate with pc to J1939, and will be a system based on Pc.


You could use USB-to-CAN with our Cananalyser J1939 Module, but you would probably want to create an application to control the device using the J1939 Stack.

If this is just a “one off” project though, I think you were on the right track with the AB7612.