Communicating with Ishida Checkweigher with HMS-EN2MB-R


I have to establish communication with an ISHIDA GN S015 which the communication is Modbus. We are using a HMS-EN2MB-R to connect to a PLC an exchange information. I’m having a hard time establishing the communication. Has anyone ever try to set up communication with this checkweigher brand?

Hi Ricardo,

If you are having a problem with the Modbus connection, you should check the Transaction Monitor to see if you are getting Modbus errors, like this:

This should tell you why the Modbus commands aren’t working.

If you have a manual with a Modbus Map for the device from ISHIDA, then you should be able to confirm whether or not the commands and registers you’re using are the correct ones.

You can also use a Modbus Master Simulator like Modscan, Modbus Poll, or CAS Modbus Scanner to determine if the commands work or not.

Hi thanks for the answer. Just to be sure, the client is the HMS module and the server is the Ishida right?


I’m getting these errors on the transactions that I created (highlighted in yellow). I thinks my connection between Ishida and HMS module is faulty. What do you think?

Thanks in advance.


I managed to have all devices working. However in the transaction monitor tab, I have the the transaction error saying the link device idle.

I look in the user’s manual about that and I found that a control tag (word) which bit 0 has to be put to 1 to run the link device.

When I toggle this bit, the MTCP status led starts flashing and the transaction monitor errors switches to Time out.

Have you been in my position?
Thanks in advance!

Do you need to use the Control/Status word to enable and disable the network? If not, you can disable it and it will always be running by default.

Otherwise, the Control/Status word is explained on page 35 of the User Manual.