Communication between the motherboard and the HMS module

I have a problem with the Anybus CompactCom M40 Profinet and Ethernet / Ip with my cy8c5868lti-lp039 as host using SPI communication, the system is a MASSFLOW which measures the mass flow of a gas and regulates it following the instruction given by the user, then the system communicates with PLCs using Anybus CompactCom M40 Profinet and Ethernet / Ip, the problem that we find is that, in the company all works well, the communication between the PLC and the motherboard is established but at the customer’s premises at a certain point the communication between the MassFLOW and the PLC stops, but the PLC continues to communicate with the HMS card but on the Hms card side and the motherboard the communication is no longer established, I wanted to know where the problem could come from?


Given the product and nature of the problem, I advise opening a Case at

Once you submite the case, we can review the issue at hand.


Excellent. One of our support technicians will be able to assist with this issue. It may take time for them to respond.