Communication Error - Tunnel Closed

I am having issues with conneting on a tunnel that is online. I have checked all the normal things such as the adaptor name and properties, i updated the firmware to 2.04 and i also was able to update the configuration as well. I have attached the log file.
lts.log (71.8 KB)

I also had the IT people check and all the outbound ports are open. I was also able to connect when I was connected to my hotspot but now when connected to our server/firewall. Anything that would help our IT team would be great. Thanks


I have linked the document for the configuration of of the firewall to allow Quickconnect connections.

I would have them review this document, and make the necessary changes.

They have verified that everything is that document is already setup. Do you have any other help for them? We know its something with the firewall as im able to connect with my hotspot. Thanks


From your computer can ping the following site:

I would ensure that this address is whitelisted on the firewall. Unfortunately, there is not much more documentation we do have for firewall configuration.