CompactCom M30 and given ADI map

I have to integrate a device that mounts a compactcom M30 Profinet module in a TIA project.
The equipment supplier does not provide any custom GSDML file, only an ADI map for data exchange.
I have read the manuals and understood that I have to map each ADI individually in the TIA Portal in the same order as the map.
I’m not sure I understand the correspondence between ADI and configuration in the TIA Portal.
I have a map with 22 ADI UINTs for reading starting from address 1 and several ADI UINTs for writing with starting address 50…
Could you please confirm the validity of the configuration shown in the attached figure ?


Hello Val,

I can’t confirm the validity of your configuration, because this must be done from the device supplier. I don’t have any information about the device where our ABCC30 module mounted in.
The device manufacturer must provide you with the information about the ADIs mapping and how to configure the IO modules in TIA portal.

Best regards

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately the equipment supplier is more unprepared than I am.
He just informed me that they don’t provide any custom GSDML files and ADI list with index.
I assume that on the TIA side the configuration is how I set it up because it is the only way to respect the index provided.
In about a fortnight, I will receive the equipment, carry out the necessary tests and see how it works.
Thanks again for support…


Hi Val,

It is not a problem to use the template GSDML file but the device manufacturer should tell you how the IO ADIs mapping looks like to build it in TIA portal in the same order and the correct data types.
Because you have now infinite possibilities to map the IO modules in TIA portal and only one choose could “maybe” work.

Bes tregards

Excluding the information about the contents of the variables, this is the diagram provided.

ADI from 1 to 22 Read Area all variables are UINT16
ADI from 50 to 64 Write Area all variables are UINT16

The following notes are also provided…

  1. For Ethernet/IP Class
    Device Application Object = A2 (hex) for explicit data exchange
    Instance attribute for all values is 5
    CIP class 1 connection parameters:
    Configuration connection instance = 1
    Originator → Target Connection Point = 150, Data Size = 30 bytes
    Target → Originator Connection Point = 100, Data Size = 44 bytes
    Default IP address is Set IP address using setup screen
    On PROFIBUS master side, map ADIs to process data exactly in the order they are listed in this document; otherwise network connection establishment will fail.

The first note does not refer to the profinet, the second speaks of following the pattern.
Using the latest version of standard GSDML I can declare swap areas up to 4 words wide, but I have read that if I try to read 4 words, only the first data of the schema is correctly interpreted.
So the only possible configuration (at least as far as TIA is concerned) is the one I inserted in the first post.
My doubt is that the subslot corresponds to the ADI index, if not, I would not know how else to assign the value 50 reported in the ADI index.

I think it will be long tests … :slight_smile: