CompactComm M40 and DeltaV integration

Hi all,

I’m working with an OEM that’s upgraded their offerings to include a Profibus-capable model of a probe. I (the customer) am trying to integrate it with our DeltaV system. They’ve basically attached their sensor to a CompactComm M40, and they’ve chosen to require DPV1 functionality, which is unusual in my industry. Apparently the only way for DeltaV to use this is via the Emerson AMS Device Manager application. It seems like this requires both a GSD and a .DD file to fully integrate the functionality and allow the startup telegram to set address and parameterize the device. Can anyone confirm or dispute this? The OEM has been… less than helpful. Additionally, is there anywhere I can find the generic .DD file for the M40 so I can have a go at modifying it myself?

Hello @Phil_L ,

Unfortunately I am not sure how much help we can be with this. The CompactCom is an incomplete product and is customized by the device manufacturer that it is embedded into. They would be creating a .GSD file to match their device.

I am guessing a .DD files is specific for the Emerson AMS software and I am not sure of its functionality. You should only require a GDS file of a device to configure its communication. I would expect the Emerson software to import the .gsd and use that to create its necessary configuration files.

The CompactCom comes in a range of networking options that the manufacturer can chose to integrate support into their product. It may be worth checking with the manufacturer to see if they offer alternative network options with the CompactCom. An alternative solution might be to use a Gateway to interface with the device and provide access over a different network type, such as an AB7629. The AB7629 is a Profibus Master to modbus TCP gateway.

Thanks for the reply. In our case, the ABCCM40 is acting as an intermediary between a modbus device and our profibus network. A .DD file is a standardized file for interpreting smart field devices in the factory automation space. It’s usable for Profibus, Fieldbus, and HART protocols. The development of a .DD file for the AB products would allow seamless integration into factory DCS systems, instead of relying on standalone equipment manufacturers and manual signal definition.

It really seems like the device manufacturer slapped the ABCCM40 onto their transmitter and called it a finished product. They have supplied me the modbus datamap for the device upstream of the ABCC, and a GSD that is 85% similar to the Anybus-CC PROFIBUS DP-V1 slave, the NP30 series of device x1811. Sorry, going off on a rant as an end-user.

Emerson’s AMS Device Manager requires a .DD (or possibly .EDD) file to access the DPV1 protocol options, and to be honest I was hoping there was a ‘stock’ one available from Anybus that I could modify myself, instead of relying on the device manufacturer who seems a bit out of their depth.

Can you share what device is used in to help me with the context?

I think .edd files are used for profibus PA while profibus DP would use GSD files.