Configure Anybus-S devicenet inputs and outpus

I have a boris unit with devicenet adaptor Anybus-S Devicenet.
The device with able in the DevinetNetwork, however when I configure the scanlist with polled data 32bytes inputs and 128 bytes outputs, as the Boris unit is configured, the devicenet scanner giveme the error that I/O size of the boris unit does not match what is configured.
Looks like is about the parameters because Inputs-1 is 4 bytes and Input-2 is 28 bytes (total 32 bytes). Output-1 4 bytes and Output-2 124 bytes (total 128 bytes).
When I configure the scanlist with 4 bytes Inputs and 4 outputs then the issues goes away.
But I need to configure the Input as 32 bytes and outpus as 128 bytes.
Looks like I need to configure the anybus-s devicenet modul maybe.
The Boris unit is well configure and is not way to change beetween Input-1 or Input-2 inside the BorisUnit.


Please help.

Hello @rpoumian,

I recommend working with the manufacturer to ensure the Anybus-S is configgured correctly and they are providing a EDS file that matches.