Configuring a Static IP address for the WAN but the Cosy131 is not on the WAN network?

I will be shipping a Cosy 131 to a customer and the customer gave me a static IP address for the WAN. Since I’m not on the customer’s network, the wizard fails (Internet tab) when I’m configuring the unit. I tried to go in the “Maintenance” tab and save it but it doesn’t keep it either.

Why aren’t the parameters sticking?
Can I not use the wizard to accomplish this?
If I am unable to use the wizard can what other ways can I do this?

Hello @Simon_hms,

The reason your configurations may not be sticking could be that the eWON sees that they’re invalid, i.e. address conflict with the LAN side, incorrect default gateway, subnet mask, etc. If you use the wizard to configure the WAN settings, the Cosy will typically let you know what the error is, but it will not allow an invalid setting.

Editing the advanced options under the Maintenance tab an easiest way if you’re already connected to the Cosy through the web interface; however, you could also edit the actual comcfg.txt text file stored on the Cosy (see image below). You could either connect to the Cosy via FTP (using a program like FileZilla or Windows Explorer), move over the comcfg.txt onto your computer and edit it there, or you could take a backup file using eBuddy and access the comcfg.txt file that way. Once you’ve changed the needed parameters, you can use FTP to move the updated comcfg.txt file back into the eWON’s directory.


In the example above, you would edit the first three parameters. About15 lines down from these three you’ll see “EthDns1” and “EthDns2” – you can input the supplied DNS servers here from your customer or use a public DNS server like Google’s

To connect to the Cosy using FTP and Windows Explorer, you would just open an Explorer window, and in the address bar type in “” (use your eWON’s LAN IP - the example here is using the default LAN IP of


Windows Explorer will then prompt you for your admin credentials on the eWON (default adm password if it hasn’t been set). Once you enter your credentials, you can click Log On.


You’ll be brought to the home directory where you will find the comcfg.txt file. You can drag this file to your desktop or another file explorer window to copy it to your computer. Once you make changes, you can drag it back into the explorer window that has the eWON’s directory open.


You can change the same parameters under advanced options in the maintenance tab as you are already doing.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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