Configuring other(not ewon) openvpn client to efive server

I am trying to configure an openvpn client (advantech SR30300110) to our efive 25 , so that I can access the devices connected via LAN at the client side. I configured mobile wan network, LAN ips, etc at the client-side(different IP range). In openvpn configuration section in the client side , mentioned the public ip, uploaded the ca certificate that I got from efive and selected for the Authenticate Mode as username/password. After all that I added one account in efive with the same username/password and subnet which i configured in the client side. The client is showing ‘up’ for some time in the efive but not pinging at the efive lan side simultaneously. After that the client goes ‘down’ at efive side.
Please support to find a solution .

Hello abdulkabeerak,

Thank you for using our forum. To better assist you with the troubleshooting of this issue please create a support ticket using support portal. .