Connect fanuc profibus master to Anybus gateway profibus slave

I have configured anybus as slave in fanuc robot. Im able to detect the anybus gateway in okuma machine but the gateway shows its offline.

How to i make the anybus gateway go online?

Hello @sanju.r ,

The Profibus network & devices would be controlled by the Profibus Master. On the master there should be some setup for a node on the network then you should be able to put the network /device into run/online mode. Exactly how this is managed depends on the Master and configuration software.

Hello @deryck_hms

In fanuc robot I have configured the slave parameters. when I try to connect to the anybus x gateway using the ABC tool and hyperterminal, I am not able to detect the device

Are you connecting though the console port? When connecting via hyperterminal are you power cycling the device? Are you following the instructions as described in the readme?

Readme.pdf (297.7 KB)

ya I open up the application start a new connection name it and then set all the settings. the host com is locked onto com 3. and then when i click apply and ok. then nothing happens

@deryck_hms where can i get the sample session file?

The Anybus X-gateway Classic - All Versions download here. Has a zip file with hypertermianl and documentation. Though the session files is not necessary you should be able to create a new session. The only settings that should matter are selecting the correct COM port and the serial settings.

@deryck_hms I was able to do the configuration, changed the status/control word to disable and saved the settings and restarted the device. but still the profibus slave shows offline.

Hi Sanju,
Again, I believe this state is controlled by the master. What is your master/setup software saying about the device? Have you verified the Bus is configured correctly? Do you have termination setup correctly?

I was able to use hyperterminal and configure the profinbus slave to
input i/o data size - 20
output i/o data size - 20
input parameter data size - 0
ouput parameter data size - 0
offline option - clear
control/status word - disabled

and my fanuc robot parameter config - i will attach

how to i configure ident number in anybus x gateway profibus slave? I think the ident number i have on slave config is not as same as the one i have on the anybus gateway

@deryck_hms do you know how can i get GDS file for anybus x gateway device net and profibus slave?
My anybus data is

serial number - A0153 2F5
FW : 3.17

Hello @sanju.r ,

I am not familiar with the profibus setup in Fanuc robots so I am not sure what the check for here.

The Zip file shared previous should also include GSD files for all legacy devices. You can find additional info and EDS files on the support site. Anybus Files and Documentation

hello @deryck_hms ,
Do you know how can i the ident number from the anybus x gateway profibus slave?

@deryck_hms do you have any other version of Anybus Configuration Manager - X-gateway Setup, this version is not working in windows xp… tried in 2 different systems

The ident is in the GSD file
Ident_Number = 0x1831

I do not have alternative versions of the software. You should be able to change all the same settings in ACM x-gateway as you can via a terminal program such as HyperTerminal.

@deryck_hms I using an old version of anybus x gateway… is the ident number same for this device?

It may not be. in the GSD for the legacy device i am seeing:
; Device identification
Vendor_Name = “HMS Industrial Networks”
Model_Name = “Anybus-S DPV1 (FW 3.X)”
Revision = “3.03”
Ident_Number = 0x1013

@deryck_hms is the above device compatible id the master is using baud rate of 12 megabits?

Hi @sanju.r ,

Im not sure exactly what you are asking.
The device supports auto baudrate detection from 9600bits/s to 12Mbits/s.
The Node ID is set via the rotary dials.
Here is the User guide for the Profibus interface from the legacy documentation zip.
ABX_PDPS_1_04_SCM-1200-126.pdf (512.7 KB)