Connection problem to OPC UA server as client via IO server

Hi all,

i am trying to connect an eWON Flexy 205 as OPC UA client to an OPC UA server via an IO server.
I have set up the client according to the manual.
Because it is a laboratory facility, the login is done without security settings and with anonymous login.

But if I now want to add an OPC UA variable to a tag or if I want to browse this variable, I always get the following message

When I am connected to the Flexy via eCatcher or a connection has been established to it, I can access the OPC UA Server via UAExpert.

Do other parameters have to be configured or the Flexy itself restarted on the Flexy after setting up the IO Server?

Can we setup a time to take a look at this over TeamViewer to get a better idea on what this issue might be?

Sure, but not before Friday.
I’ll let you know tomorrow.
Since I’m in CET, I think we should make an appointment for CET afternoon.

But what is strange is that I have no problems with exactly the same settings on an identical system.

Hi Ralf,

You may have an easier time reaching out to your local distributors that are in the same time zone or submitting a question to to work with people in the same region.

You could also try and take a backup of the working device and restore it on this one to make sure all the settings are the same.