Connection Unstabel on VPN

Hi I have a problem with Ewon Cosy 131 4G fw 14.2s0
Ewon is in modem connection and it is connected permanently with a 3g SIM CARD.

I have problems with the stability of the vpn connection. Every 1-2 minutes the VPN connection drops. It is unusable.

The cellular network signal is average to good; there are no network coverage problems.

However, I noticed that if I start on my lapton an cmd in the background with a continuous ping towards an element of the network connected to Ewon, the connection seems to stabilize (but only sometimes).

If I turn off the PING, the ewon loses the VPN connection in a short time, the modem seems to close the VPN connection and reinitializes it.

I attach support files awaiting advice, thanks


I would highly recommend opening a case with your local support team in the EU as they will be better able to troubleshoot cellular issues in your region.

Go to to open a case.