Cosy 131 4G NA keeps disconnecting / reconnecting

Hi all I have a new Cosy 131 NA 4GLTE device which is awesome! I trialed it at my shop for a few weeks with no issues that was setup both with primary 4G LTE and WAN (copper) failover. It has worked flawlessly with moderate AT&T LTE service (2 bars on the device).

I installed it out in the field using primary 4G LTE (no WAN or failover) at a client location (elect switchgear advanced meter) yesterday. It works fine but keeps disconnecting and reconnect about every 10 to 15 minutes? (EWON goes offline and then comes back online).

I attempted to attach the backup file. Please advise.




The backup doesn’t include any support files so I cant look at any logs. from your description it seems like it could be swapping from the fallback to the primary. However this is set to 60 minutes. Can you share a backup from ebuddy that includes support files?




Thanks for the backup. It looks like the device is having issues with the modem. It is trying and failing to connect. The errors point towards the APN not being set correctly. Was the simcard changed when it was shipped?

No, it did not come with a SIM card. I purchased and installed an AT&T prepaid GSM / LTE Card. What is odd is that I can access the devices and EWON remotely…it just reset’s or loses connection frequently.

I did look at the configurate remotely and noticed that a PIN (not needed) was entered in the setup and the APN was odd. Unfortunately the device is now 200 miles away. Can I make this adjustment remotely by VPNing in?

Hi @jhajduk, It looks like the modem is the primary connection and this is failing to connect while the wired WAN is getting a network connection. If you can remote on you should be able to run the internet wizard and set it to the ethernet wizard to set this as the primary. This would expect this to stabilize the connection.


There is no wired WAN connection.

Ok I took a closer look at the backup. The logs indicated it had fallback configured, but the com.cfg show the modem is the primary with no fallback. I also see the WAN is using DHCP and has an IP address

Is this an old backup? Paying attention to the timestamps I see the most recent log messages are date for the 16th.

Yes the backup is current. I downloaded the backups 2 days ago…the problems were occurring prior to that with no changes made in the interim

Hi @jhajduk,

This backup indicates the modem is either not seeing a tower to connect to or is being rejected by the one it does see.

Well…all most 6 months later this issue continues. The device works great, when it is connected.

Problem remains that the device continously disconnects and reconnects about every 10 to 30 mintues. If I post the backup again can some one please take a look? Using AT&T 4G LTE in Pennsylvania with no failover connection.

Hi @jhajduk,

I can gladly take another look at a new backup.


See attached

John Hajduk


The errors look the same as last time. Are you able to test another sim card in the device?

I could request one from AT&T.

What are your thoughts?