Cosy 131 as NTP


Hello, is there any documentation to show setup of AB CompactLogix 5370 controller to look to the eWON for the NTP Time Sync?



Here is the eWON documentation. Make sure you are using the latest firmware 13.2.

You would have to check with Allen Bradley if you need any CompactLogix documentation.



Ok, thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thanks, I think I have it all set up. So, when I get the CompactLogix on the LAN and turn on Time Sync, it should look for the eWON?

Rodney Steinmark

Maintenance Electrician/Tech.


Hi Rodney,

As long as that particular PLC is compatible with NTP it will work. What other devices are going to be on this LAN and will it be configured to be able to communicate with other network segments on site or be left with default network settings?



There will be two CompactLogix, a MicroLogix and 3 panelviews on this particular setup. Mainly want it for the two CompactLogix for timing. They both have the time sync option.

Rodney Steinmark

Maintenance Electrician/Tech.


OK, so Rockwell PLCs don’t all support NTP so you might need a utility from Rockwell to get it working or you might not… I don’t want to guarantee anything, but I don’t think it will be a big problem.



From what I have read, I have been led to believe I can too. I have a question in to them also as their forum does not specifically deal with the eWON. Proof will be in the pudding as they say. I am hoping to test it out this weekend.


Rodney Steinmark

Maintenance Electrician/Tech.


Let me know how it goes and if we can be of any assistance.

Thank you,