Cosy 131 continues to fail VPN test

Cosy 131 continues to fail VPN test. Passes the Internet test but fails VPN. UDP 1194 and TCP 443 are not blocked. Any suggestions?

What do the logs say?

Please provide the backup with Support Files (Go to Diagnostic > Support Files or use eBuddy to create a backup and check Include support files).

Backup (1).etar.gz (12.4 KB)

The Ewon is already registered. It needs to be deleted from the current account if you want to register it to a new account.

Okay, what account has it registered? I created an account to set it up and have been stuck.

We can’t give out customer’s account information. Your email domain does not appear to be associated with the account. If you’d like to claim the device, please create a case at and ask for a T2M Release Form.