Cosy 131 Email setup


Here’s a setup guide for sending out emails from a Cosy 131

Below I have a picture of the first part of the wiring diagram. For this example I’ve tied the negative to the I- on the green connector

This is not required, but I used a switch to toggle the input

The switch is connected to the I1 and the positive terminal.

Other than that, on the Cosy’s webpage you’ll need to go to the DI Config Wizard

Next you can enter the email address and contents

It should be noted that when there is an input going into I1, the “Key” LED on the front will light up. You can toggle this by either using a switch like this example or removing/inserting the wire connecting the positive to I1.

I know that you’re trying to use a water sensor to send out this email, so I’d say to first see if you can send out an email using the setup above and then if that works, check what the voltage of the water sensor output is.


Rick Contreras has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the link below.




Hi Rick,

Were you able to get the device to send out emails using the water sensor? Or were you able to get a multi meter out to the site?


Hi Rick,

On Page 31 we found the datasheet for the Digital inputs.

From 0-5 volts the device registers as off. You need to supply at least 10 volts for the key to turn on.


Hi Rick,

Just wanted to see if this project was finished or if it’s still an ongoing thing?



it still ongoing


Hey Rick,

Just checking in on this project again to see how this is going