Cosy 131 Mutiple Gateways

We have a Machine Network of
the Cosy is setup as, Wifi Connection to the internet.

We have a PC, with the Gateway set to, and I can VNC on to it, and that is Fine.

There is also an Allen Bradley 1783-NATR module,, which routes to the Air-Gapped Automation network (No internet and no possibility of it)

2 Device on the network have to have their GW’s set to, so that the routing works. but this means I cannot access them via Ecatcher.

is it possible to Point all the devices at, but any traffic bound for gets routed to



Just a note, one of the devices I want to access isn’t a PC, so I can’t do any routes within it.


What is the route? Is that the WAN side of the network?

Yes, sorry it’s the WAN/Public side of the AD NATR.

Ideally, I want all the traffic to go to the cosy as the GW ( and the cosy redirects it to the NATR (



So the Cosy itself is the gateway, but doesn’t automatically route traffic. You can have traffic be specifically sent to the NATR, but IP. However, there isn’t a function with the Cosy to do it without prompt

so I want to get from & 200 to
But I also need to access via Ecatcher/Talk2M

is this possible?


250.x Range will be able to talk to each other without issue. You can leave the gateway’s blank if you set your NATITF = 3.

Hve the 250.100 to send traffic to the 250.2 which then can be NAT to the 172.16. However, you will not be able to communicate with the 172.16 PC remotely, as it falls outside of the LAN IP range of the Cosy131. You can try setting up NAT1:1, but that only allows the 172.16 to see the 250.100.

The network architecture that you would like to set up, is not the standard use case for our products.

Thanks, I understand that it isn’t normal use, we would only usually have an Ewon, the NATR is the customers addition.

We don’t need to access 172.16.x.x PC Remotely, only the 192.168.250.x.

To send data from the to the, we’d have to set the gateway to, wouldn’t we? would we still be able to remote access via the Ewon? (even with Plug’n’route enabled)

The Other option would be to remove the NATR and use the Ewon to do the 1:1, but that would mean connecting the Ewon to the 172.16.x.x but it has no Internet Connection (but I don’t think that will allow me to do that) and use the wifi or a second Wan for Internet. is that feasible?

In the Cosy, I’ve set;
RouteDestip1 =
RouteNetMask1 =
RouteGateway1 =
RouteHops1 = 2

I’ve set the Default gateway on the to
I can now Ping from

I can also connect Via Ecatcher and access

This seems to work how I need, can you see any problems with this config?


That configuration looks correct. Let me know if you run in to any issues.