Cosy 131 passes internet connection test but still doesn't show as online on Ecatcher

I’m having trouble with an ewon at a remote site. I can get the Ewon to successfully complete and Internet connection test in the internet wizard but it will not show up as “online” in my ecatcher. Is there a case where the Ewon will pass its Internet connection test but still not be able to communicate to the Talk2M servers and establish a connection? Is there a test that I can make the Ewon run that will test its ability to use to the necessary servers and ports?

Thank you

Have you run the Talk2M/VPN wizard as well? The Internet wizard will configure its network settings and the test verifies it can reach the Internet, but the Talk2M/VPN wizard is necessary to configure its connection to our servers so you can access it through eCatcher.

There’s no test that you can run on the Ewon itself, but the Talk2M Connection Checker is a utility that accomplishes this when run on a computer. You should connect this computer to the network in the same way the Ewon is connected (for example, disconnect the WAN cable from the Ewon and plug it into a laptop instead, then make sure Wi-Fi is disabled so the laptop has to use that connection).