Cosy 131 Power Supply

The EWON COSY 131 Installation guide specifies that the EWON be powered by a 12-24Vdc 100w max. power supply.

Does this imply that the power supply I use cannot have an output power exceeding 100 watts?

Hi there,
Yes, you’re correct.



Thank you for your reply. I see that the EWON COSY 131 is rated to 12-24VDC 2.5A. This tells me I can use a 12VDC/5A power supply or a 24VDC/2.5A power supply.
Would it be problematic if I used a 24VDC/5A or a 24VDC/10A power supply? I am no electrical expert but won’t the power supply only supply the required power and amperage to the EWON?

No, you are correct. It should only supply the needed power, but the Cosy shouldn’t use more than 1 amp.