Cosy 131 Socket messaging . Lan to Wan set up

I am having issues with Cosy 131 with the lan and wan forwarding. I have read varies documents and forums on here and I am not getting a clear answer so was looking for assistance. I have a Compact Logix PLC on my LAN side and I want to use TCP/IP to socket message my server on the WAN side. When i have the server connected on the LAN side with my PLC everything works fine. But as soon as I use the WAN side and change my IP address to on the server , I run into complications. I set Natif=2 , VPNRedirect =0 , FwrdToWan=1. I also went into routing and set on Lan and WAN. My PLC is The First issue is that when i set the routing listed above, my server can not use the IP address . If i do I can not ping the Ewon or PLC . The WAN IP is and the PLC forward IP address is Any assistance is helpeful.

Got it.

This should be all you have to do. Because the traffic originates on the LAN, you just need LAN > WAN forwarding enabled. Keep in mind that you have to reboot after changing NATitf.

This isn’t necessary. You shouldn’t need any routing rules for sending data from the LAN to the WAN, BUT you must set the default gateway on the LAN device to be the Ewon’s LAN IP address in order to send traffic to the WAN. So make sure the default gateway in the PLC is set to be the LAN IP address of the Ewon.

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