Cosy 131 Support

Good afternoon!

We’ve got a customer with the following setup, could you confirm that the Cosy 131 would be able to support this?

“We want to be careful of contravening any client cybersecurity rules, but are also trying to provide them with a reliable solution that will allow us to do some remote programming (their system does have remote access and VPN, but does
not allow certain software/ports through (for good reason). We would be using Rockwell Studio 5000 (ControlLogix PLCs) and Rockwell FT View Studio (FactoryTalk HMI). There may be a limitation inherent in the FT View Studio (it needs to access the PLC tag
database), and we haven’t yet been successful in doing that over a VPN connection.”

Thank you very much!


Duncan Ketcheson

Hello Duncan,

Yes the Cosy should be able to support this. I would recommend making sure that you’re using a TCP connection on the Cosy instead of the standard UDP connection though if you plan to do programming on studio 5000. This is just because TCP has packet correction and I’ve seen issues doing this over UDP.

This doc goes over all of the ports and addresses that you will need to have open/whitelisted for our device to work on their network:
kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf (290.9 KB)

On studio 5000 and on the FT View Studio, you’ll also want to make sure that the software is selecting our Tap V9 Ethernet Adapter if you want to be able to reach those devices over eCatcher