Cosy devices require RMA. Generating Topic Summary


Customer has Called in regarding a past issue that was logged over the phone, but topic number was not generated for Customer.

RMA Issues

Cosy 131 #1 (SN:1728-0037-22) Wrong Voltage issue
Cosy 131 #2 (SN:1719-0620-22) Inconsistent Connection. ST Light would not update to green

Cosy 131 #1 (SN:1728-0037-22) Wrong Voltage issue
Device not function. After setting to device correct voltage, unit would still not boot up.

Cosy 131 #2 (SN:1719-0620-22)
Consistently lose settings, and inconsistent connections to PLC, Talk2M. Customer updated firmware, performed resets on the device, updated settings. Unit would still malfunction, and not connect to PLC or have remote connectivity.