COSY+ Ewons go offline after working for weeks

I have several Cosy+ ewons that Go offline after being installed and running for at least a week. This is not 1 but multiples. It is to the point I have switched from Cosy’s to Flexy’s just so I can actually rely on the ewon working.

In the last two cases, the ewons went offline, I configured and shipped a Flexy to the site and they just did a swp of the ewons and evrything has been fine since.

Once I recieve the ewon back at my office I plug it up and change the settings to work on my local network and the ewon works fine. These devices seem to be too sensitive when it comes to the network quality.

Any help is appreciated.

Attached is a backup of one of the Cosy+ devices that failed.

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Can you post a new backup for the Dunn Cosy, this time with “include support files” checked? Unfortunately this backup did not include logs.

For the Morrisville Cosy, the logs look like the Ewon doesn’t have an Internet connection. There aren’t many specific errors beyond it being unable to connect to Talk2M or our NTP server, which we tend to see with devices without a working Internet connection. To verify the WAN connection being used is working right and a firewall isn’t blocking access to our servers, you can use the Talk2M Connection Checker. Connect a PC to the same WAN cable using the same IP settings (and disconnect from other network connections like Wi-Fi), then run the utility. It will report if it’s able to reach our servers using that connection.

There is one error near the end of the logs related to interference on an Ethernet port. How long is the device’s WAN cable, and is it shielded? Do you know if it runs by any possible sources of interference?

I got someone onsite today and they found teh ewon seems to have reset to default. Here is tne Backup.

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