Cosy LAN/WAN matched

We have a customer who’s plant network matches the IP address scheme of our machine network (192.168.0.x), so when plugged in, our Cosy was not visible on eCatcher. I was able to remotely update the LAN of the Cosy to allow it to show in eCatcher (updated to 192.168.1.x), but now I need to update the field devices (Siemens S7-1200 and TP700) to match the LAN so I can connect to the equipment. I’ve tried using the NAT 1:1 feature without success. Is there another way I can update the addressing to allow me to connect to the machine?

Best Regards,

Hi Matt,

You can only remote into device in the LAN subnet of the Cosy so you will have difficulty updating the IP address remote through eCatcher. someone would have to change the ip addresses local to the Siemens or change the WAN network so you can change the LAN back to update the IP address.

If the Cosy supports wifi you could try connecting it to a hot spot for the purpose of changing the devices IP addresses then set it up for the plant network again.