Cosy wifi issue

Hi there,

I tried helping a customer over the phone but he had an issue when trying to run the Internet wizard at customer’s site. He did a test at his office that went well.

I am waiting for screenshots from him regarding status but he told me error 20172 from error status.

Does it ring a bell to anybody? Is it an issue coming from IT side?

Hey, @Jcadorette!

Screenshots would definitely be helpful as well as the event log. Are they trying to connect to a WiFi network?


hi @ashley_hms! :slight_smile:
So yeah they are trying to connect to WIFI of customer’s site in DHCP.

As soon as i get screenshots, i will post again.

Thanks, have a nice week-end!

Sounds good! Also as a first step I always recommend upgrading to the latest firmware if they have not done so already.

Just respond back here once you get screenshots some snippets from the event log.

Thanks, I hope you have a nice weekend as well!


I asked customer to upgrade his firmware to latest version. Here are the pictures.


Thanks for the pictures! It appears the eWON cannot reach the wireless access point. Do they have the WiFi antenna attached, and if so, how far away is the access point? Additionally, are there any barriers in the environment that may prevent the eWON from reaching the access point?

I see in the event log they are still on 11.2. Can you have them upgrade to 12.1s1 and see if they notice an improvement?


Quick question Ashley, about the WIFI, does the Cosy can connect to a WPA2 wifi network?

I would tend to say yes… but can you confirm?



The unit can definitely connect to WPA-2 just not WPA-2 Enterprise currently.