Cosy141 Factory Reset

How do I perform a factory reset for the cosy 141 device?

If you want to return the device back to factory settings, you will need to perform a second level reset.

Level 2 Reset Instructions

NOTE: These instructions are for the COSY 141 device ONLY and will not apply directly to the Cosy 131 device.

  • Power off your Cosy 141 device
  • While the device is powered off, hold down the reset button

The reset button is near the lights at the top (circled in red)

  • While holding the reset button down, power the device on (keep the reset button held)
  • When the USR LED turns solid red (~20 seconds), release the reset button
  • Wait for the USR LED to blink red (may take up to 5 minutes before it blinks red)
  • Confirm the USR LED is blinking red (200 ms ON and 1.5 sec OFF) and then power cycle the device

Second level reset instructions that the manual provides are located below (page 18):

" You generate this second level reset by pressing and maintaining the reset button during
approximately 20 secs after powering up the eWON until the USER LED remains RED steadily.
When this state is reached, release the button and wait approximately 90 seconds until the
procedure is completed. The procedure finishes with the result of the hardware auto test
displayed on the USER LED. If the auto test completes successfully, the USER LED will blink in
RED with a pattern of 200ms ON and 1,5 sec OFF. Any other pattern will start with 200ms ON
(opening of the pattern) followed by OFF and a certain number of times 1 sec ON that allows to
identify the nature of the detected problem. Please call the technical support if you are confronted
with an error pattern on the “USER” LED.
Note: you absolutely have to wait until the full auto test procedure is completed without
interrupting it. If the auto test is interrupted, the flash memory of the eWON will contain random
data likely to make it unstable. In such a case you have to redo the second level reset procedure
from scratch and wait until it is totally completed. "