Could not connect to two units at the same time using Profibus Master Simulator

I use Profibus DP Master simulator to establish communication with two units in the Profibus network. Under search slave window I could see both of them. But I could not open the Communicator window, which would work with both nodes. Profibus Master Simulator version is I can establish communication with each of them, but not with both of them at the same time. Please let me know what should be done. Thanks.

Hello @Stas,

While the Master can connect to a bus with multiple devices i believe the software is limited to only read/write to one device at a time. I am verifying this with a colleague and will let you know if there is a way to open multiple connections at once.


Hi, Deryck,
Thanks for the answer. Do you have any updates for me?
Best regards,

Hi @Stas,

Yes, It looks like the simulator only allows for one communication window at a time.


Hi, Deryck,
Thanks for the answer. What would you suggest to use if we need to test at lest 2 or 3 units in the loop. What would be the best solution to check it in the office without purchasing expensive hardware?
Best regards, Stas.

Hi @Stas ,

I am not sure of an option using the software, of course you can switch the node as needed in the software but I assume you are looking to read the data at the same time.

I am not sure what you are looking at and consider expensive for a hardware solution but a possible solution might be an anybus X-gateway AB7629 Profibus master to ModbusTCP/ethernet/IP gateway. This could be configured to read the profibus devices then allow you to read the data via modbus TCP.