Cozy 131 Losing connection


Hi Guys,

I have an eWON Cozy 131 (cellular model). I have been losing connection to it constantly. Sometimes it lasts a couple of hours, other times only 30 minutes. The unit has a good cell connection and everything works great while it’s online. When I lose connection, it requires someone to drive to site and cycle the power to it. The unit is grounded properly and the serial starts with 1903, so it’s a new model. Thank you!

eWON Cozy 131 losing connection

Can you please connect to the device with eBuddy and create a Backup making sure to check “Include support files.”

Has it always had this probelm or is this something that starter more recently?



Hi Kyle,

This has been happening the whole time, however I’ve only had the device online for a month or so. I actually found an old article somewhere that mentioned the Maximum Call Duration and Idle time. I changed the Idle to 9999 and the call duration to 0 and so far so good. This should be something that gets changed automatically when you use cellular because the device is unusable remotely, until rebooted otherwise. Thank you,




I’m glad that’s helped. The default settings typically work fine, but in some cases it can help to adjust those settings.


Hi Guys,

I keep losing connection to my Cozy 131 on the cellular network. I’ve read the other posts and made sure mine is grounded properly. The serial number starts with 1903, so it’s a newer version. I need some help because the customer has to keep going back to site to cycle power for me, so I can get back in. Thank you.