CPU usage rate for data acquisition


I am currently working on an Ewon application used to transfer data to a server in case of certain events (time and alarm related). I am using a Flexy 205 with realtime logging enable on all tags I want to manage, and I use a basic script to access the realtime log and format and send the data via MQTT.

My Ewon is connected to a siemens PLC, and I would like to check how much CPU rate the data acquisition is taking, as well as checking how much CPU rate is used to run the basic script I use to format and send the data. The goal I wish to attain is to check the limits of the system, both in terms of network capacity and CPU capacity.

Is there any way I can achieve this ?

Have a nice day,


Hi Natael,

Unfortunately it is not possible to monitor the CPU of the Ewon.
If you wish to monitor the CPU of your PLC you would need to find a way to put that information in the Process Data or one of the DB’s of your PLC that can be read by the Ewon.

We recommend to use up to 500 Tags.
If you wish to use more and want to near the limits of the Ewon you might need to slow the Pollrate in the Topics or limit the Gui Refreshrate when trying to load a Page with a lot of Tags.

This is something that has been reported and wished for before so this is in the Wishlist. So we have to keep an eye not the release notes. (I would like that too!) Unfortunatly I can not make any predictions when or if this will be added.


Hi Franziska,

Thank you for your answer !
I will have more than 500 tags, but I will not access the GUI at all when in operation, so I hope it balances things a bit.

I will check the release notes and hope to see that included !

Best regards,