Crash on Script startup

I’m see some crashes sometimes, they seem to happen at anytime but I’ve mostly noticed it when I edit the script and start it again. The Flexy will reboot then run uninterrupted for some time could be days, could be hours but eventually it will crash again. I’ve noticed this from the logs

seems like an issue with the script, is it taking too long to execute? What is the queue this error is referring to? Am I using too many timers? I attached just a txt file with the script if you have any ideas for how it can be improved to get over this issue.

Problem_Program.txt (23.0 KB)

Hello there,

The error you are experiencing “Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (http)” occurs when the web server of the Ewon is generating an output to long to load. By default, the watchdog can occur after 130 seconds.

You can increase this time limit by using the “config.txt” parameter HTTP_REQTO (for HTTP REQuest TimeOut).

The default value “0” means the timeout is equal to 65 sec.
When the web server generates an output, it can’t take more than 2 x timeout. If so, a watchdog occurs.

If your application needs to generate long duration output, you may need to increase this parameter.
For example: If you set HTTP_REQTO:120, the watchdog occurs after 240 sec.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Hey Juliana, do you have any idea why I might be generating an output too long to load? Or what the output is? If there is some bigger issue I’d rather solve the root problem. I’m not super familiar with http, feel free to point me to any resources that might be available.

I will go ahead and try the fix you recommend in the meantime. Thanks.

Hey @garyR,

You have over 600 lines of code, unfortunately it could be anything in the script causing this issue. If increasing the HTTP_REQTO does not make things better, then you can try updating the firmware (if you are using a cellular modem, update the modem firmware as well). If that doesn’t help, then you will have to analyze your script line by line to pinpoint the root cause.

Meanwhile I will also look for reference cases that might be similar to yours to see if there’s anything else we could try to solve this.

Best regards,