Critical error code 20200 on cosy 141

Hello , i have got a problem with one of my ewon. he is always offline.
he was working on the morning and the afternoon after i come back , he was offline. i have reboot it but it will not connect to Talk2M. i have check the log . and it say not enough memory space critical error event 20200 - 0x0 . and the VPN connexion is on timeout even thought i have internet connexion ok. have you seen this problem before. Is there a way to resolve it without change the ewon.


Can you provide a backup with support files? This can be done using ebuddy while connected to the unit.

unfortunately not, i try to connect with ebuddy and it does not appear in the list of EWON available even though i can ping it. i try a reset of second level of the ewon without succes. I suspect an hardware failure.

What is the serial number of the unit?

serial number : 1739-0042-39 . i have to go offline. if you have some leads, i will check them tomorrow.


The insufficient Memory error does point to hardware failure. I checked the serial number, and noticed that it is out of our warranty period.

I would reach out to your distributor regarding a replacement.

that is what i have done. thanks.