Data posts to InfluxDB


Which route is easiest to post data directly to an onpremise InfluxDB database.
I know influxDB it accepts HTTP curl commands, but not sure if I can make those directly from the Flexy?
Can this be done with either Java or BASIC IDE?


You might be able to do this with the puthttp command in BASIC

RG-006-0-EN-(Programming Reference Guide).pdf (865.6 KB)


If a secure connection is needed, should I use the HTTPX ?


If you’re going to be using https then you’ll need the httpx

I think these 3 functions should help with what you’re trying to do


I must be doing something seriously wrong. I’m not able to get anything to work using PUTHTTP.
Can you provide me a sample script that works.
I’ve tried this:
PUTHTTP “”,"/button",“flexy=1”,"",“failed”


ok, I made some progress. I was able to make a successful call of the PUTHTTP.
But that was not to the server I was hoping to talk to. I can ping it from the Flexy with a sample script I found using OPEN. How can I get an idea of where it fails?
I’m getting “HTTP Put 32603 http request error”


Can you send us a backup.tar file with the support files included?


I was able to talk to the server I wanted, so I got a step closer.
I’m not sure how much you know about InfluxDB, but here is some info about how to utilize the http api.

I’m able to use the “query” endpoint, but not the “write” endpoint. I’m sure it has to do with the requirement of posting the line protocol content as a binary file.


Hi Lars,

Sorry for the delay, we were at training last week and I didn’t have much time to look into this, did you find a solution for this yet?